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June 19, 2018

I’ll just begin by trying to explain just how much I adore these two. Everything I type will fall short of just how much they mean to me, but I will try.


Liz + Seth are the people you meet and instantly love. When we met for their engagement session, it literally felt like three best friends riding around in my car together. I just LOVED them. They are easy going, funny, and they adore eachother. Needless to say, I was looking forward to their wedding the minute they hugged me goodbye and drove the opposite direction of me on I-95.


The few weeks leading up to their wedding, I had been watching the weather like a madman. It just could not rain on their day. Welp. It did. HARD.

I was soaking wet for their first look, but forget about me. Easily one of my most favorite first looks. They giggled, kissed with their teeth without being prompted ­čśë and it ended with Liz breaking down it tears. Forget the rain. Again, I just love them.


ALSO! Because this was one of my favorite moments of the entire day! Liz + Seth are both from Pennsylvania. All of their family and friends flew in to be with them and celebrate. They also brought with them, SIX HUNDRED cookies made from different ladies from Pennsylvania. Did I eat any? no. Do I regret that? yes.

AND! As tradition would have it, they participated in a “Polka Dance”

“In western Pennsylvania, the song and dance is called the redovy, but is also known as the nasha malada, bridal polka or apron dance. Usually, a bridesmaid holds a bag or wears an apron to collect a dollar from each guest who wants to dance with the bride.┬á Afterward, guests form a tight circle around the bride intending to keep the groom from breaking in.┬áDuring this often rowdy part of the dance, guests sometimes wave napkins or handkerchiefs in the air.┬áTraditionally, the groom then carries his bride outside, indicating an end to the festivities.”

I have videos. It was so neat!!

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